About Us

The Leland High School Booster Club is a volunteer group of Leland High School parents who work closely with the Athletic Director and school administration to identify the unfunded needs of the athletic department. We fundraise for many expenses, including personnel (sports trainer & assistant coaches), equipment, uniforms, and scholarships.

Every year, the Booster Club raises money to benefit the athletic programs and the student athletes at Leland High School. Annual funding from the school district is not enough to support the high level of success that the school’s athletic teams have consistently achieved, so every membership dollar is helpful in supporting our teams on their quests for BVAL and CCS Championships! The Booster Club has five annual commitments: an athletic trainer, stipends for coaches, athletic achievement scholarships, uniform replacement program, and a strength/conditioning Coach. In addition, we also budget for annual expenditures on capital improvement projects to improve the athletic facilities at Leland High School. Finally, the board prioritizes and fulfills requests from coaches for team specific items, such as new goals, nets, training equipment, etc.

The Booster Club is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization and sports team donations are tax deductible. The Booster Club’s Tax ID # is 94-2865240.

You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to learn more about us and we can always use more hands-on help with our events. We know you have great energy and ideas! We invite you to become a member of the Leland High School Booster Club and support the continued success of Leland High School athletics. Strong parent participation has been the key to providing our athletes with a robust athletics program.

Leland High School archway

Capital Improvement Project Paid for by the Booster Club